Achilles fighting Trojan soldiers.

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Achilles(pronounced Uh-kill-eez) was a great warrior, who was dipped into the River Styx by his mother the immortal nymph Thetis, and all his body was invincible to any attack, except his heel. He served King Agamemnon and built his reputation by killing many soldiers. Eventually after killing the Trojan Prince, Hector, he was shot in his heel by Hector's cowardly brother Paris and died in the last years of the Trojan War.

The starting screen of the Achilles game.

The starting screen of the Achilles game.

The game features Achilles with a spear(which can be thrown or used as melee) a sword, and a shield which blocks all attacks except kicks. Achilles needs to fight across 5 chapters, each of which have three stages and a boss in the third stage. The boss has various weapons and fighting techniques.

Achilles and Achilles 2 are the same, except that Achilles 2 has an improved CGI quality, enemy names, individual boss names and boss storylines, friendly fir feature(in which enemy archers can accidentally aim at their soldiers), a list of achievements and options to make blood and bodies in the game from Very Low to High. Achilles can kill through various methods: stabbing, beheading, impaling, slashing, kicking or cutting his enemies in half horizontally.

The starting screen of Achilles 2- Origin of a Legend game.

The starting screen of the Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend game.

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